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what is hydroponics?

Vertical hydroponics is a method of growing healthy herbs and vegetables without the use of traditional soil in the ground. Our hydroponic herbs are grown vertically in towers with a constant drip of nutrient-rich mineral water directly to their roots to give the plants exactly what they crave. This provides them with a thriving environment to maximize freshness, flavour and space. We dare to be different and bring an entire living system to each location so our plants are still alive while you shop. You get to benefit from clipping exactly the amount of fresh basil, mint, chives and other herbs from our towers, freshly cut from the vine. 

No Soil | No Pesticides | Non-GMO

our crops

Genovese Basil

Our true genovese basil is savoury, melt-in-your-mouth goodness like you’ve never experienced before. Fresh cut makes all the difference.


The enticing aroma alone is enough to make you fall in love with our lovely spearmint varieties but the flavour will have you coming back again and again. 


Chives have so many awesome health benefits for your heart, bones, digestion and immune system and they’re delicious! 

in store living greens

Our in-store hydroponic displays are self-contained growing systems in vertical towers. At every system there will be written instructions to simply cut the amount of produce you want and will be charged by weight. We supply towers of fully grown, living herbs on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis as needed.

fresh cut

We give you the luxury to cut exactly what you need, as you need it. If you’ve ever experienced the freshness of farm to table you’ll know that nothing compares to fresh cut. We bring the farm conveniently to you so you don’t have to sacrifice on freshness or flavour while living on the go. 

zero waste

The tower of greens is alive so whatever isn’t picked will keep growing to prevent any wasted food. Growing vertically helps us maximize space and keeps our footprint small. What would normally require a minimum 12 foot row in a traditional farm, we can produce in a 3 foot radius and can transport our living produce anywhere.

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